Our adult ministry connects adults to Jesus through community. Here you’ll find adults in all walks of life coming together to become more like Jesus. Come as you are and anticipate life change.

Why Should I Get Involved?

We are better together. Going through life alone may be faster, but with others you’ll go farther. Living the best life that God prepared for you requires other people. Join us to discover how good it is to become like Jesus with other like-minded adults.


Where adults continue to grow in their faith as they are filled from the Lord through others. No matter your current season, age, or gender we have an adult ministry meant to encourage your journey.

Join men in becoming the man God has called you to be.

Women are invited to know God’s Word and follow Jesus.

Join other young adults as we pursue Jesus together.

Our 60+ population is made of people who want to be actively involved in the work of the ministry.

God designed marriage and a great marriage is lived out as He intended.