Listen with Care

BLESS  |  April 25, 2021

To BLESS others, begin with listening rather than talking. Jesus often engaged people by asking them questions and loving them through conversation. When people are heard and understood, they feel safe and valued.


Listening to people is not just hearing their words. It is listening to their heart.

What are some natural opportunities to listen in your life? How can you create opportunities to listen?

The 4 H’s of Listening
  • HISTORY – “Tell me your story.” “Where did you grow up?”
  • HEART – “What’s your favorite (team, restaurant, vacation destination)?”
  • HABITS – “What are you into?” “What do you like to do with your free time?”
  • HURTS – “How are you doing with (name the situation)?”

These types of questions will help you become a great listener and a better friend to your neighbors.

Five Missional Practices

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