God’s Certain and Simple Promise

October 17, 2021  |  Pastor Dave Mergens

God had Jesus in mind when He promised Abraham that all the nations of the earth would be blessed by his seed. That promise was certain and simple. When the law was introduced it did not change the promise that God made. The law was temporary and God’s promise is here. We do not need the law or a list of rules to live by any longer because of God’s Spirit in our lives. Jesus didn’t save us to a list of rules, He saved us to be free.

Sermon Series

Living in Freedom Everyday

Do you ever feel like you are shackled and chained to the never-ending pursuit of things that are supposed to be life-giving only to realize they are lifeless and leave you feeling empty in the end? Join us on a journey through the book of Galatians where you will meet Jesus and discover the life-giving reality of the true gospel.

The true gospel has the power to break the chains of sin and self-righteousness that lead to death and give life and freedom to those who live by faith in Jesus Christ. Not the kind of freedom that allows us to live however we want, but a freedom that helps us to live the way God wants. In Christ, we have been set free to live free!

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