Advent Devotional

December 2

Day 4

Advent Devotional  |  December 2, 2020

Then Jacob called for his sons and said: “Gather around so I can tell you what will happen to you in days to come… “The scepter will not depart from Judah, nor the Ruler’s staff from between his feet, until he to whom it belongs shall come, and the obedience of the nations shall be his.” Genesis 49:1,10


The Hebrew term “messiah” or “Māšîaḥ” means “anointed one.” People are anointed to kingship through a ritual pouring of oil on their head. 


Imagine a large family gathering, sitting around the living room. The father, whom everyone would affectionately call “Papa” or “Grandpa,” calls for attention. He proceeds to speak with authority only afforded to the family leader. The family leans in, hanging on the words that come next with anticipation and wonder.

Jacob, son of Issac and grandson of Abraham, shared a picture of the future. Inspired by God, what might it have been like to hear these words? Everyone listening to these words would understand the meaning. The signs of a king included royal garments, a thrown, and a scepter. Directed by God’s unseen hand, Jacob promised kingship, the scepter, to Judah. 

Read Genesis 49 carefully, and you’ll notice the ultimate destination of God’s appointed human/divine authority: “Until he to whom it belongs shall come.” Jesus came, through the line of Judah, and Kingly authority belongs to Jesus. He is the true Ruler of our lives, the King of our hearts, and God’s Anointed One. An expected king who came in the most unexpected way. And Advent is the fulfillment of this long-awaited promise!

Pastor Dave Mergens 

Next Steps
  1. Prayerfully thank God for providing Jesus as King and Ruler of your life.
  2. Read Luke 3. Notice where Judah fits in verse 33. This is Luke’s signal of a fulfilled prophecy.
  3. Take a deep-dive into Ancient Near Eastern kingship HERE.

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