The Last Letter

As the shifting sands of change rattle our world to the core and the tides of uncertainty roll in, there is one constant: Jesus. John knew this and was compelled to testify to this truth. The first-century Jesus-followers faced many challenges, similar to what we experience today. They lived in a world that hated Jesus. There was political unrest, natural disasters and plenty of uncertainty. The Last Letter John wrote to his church speaks to ours. Join us for an immersive experience into the truths of God’s Word penned by John.

Engage in the all-church Last Letter Experience

Each week the sermon will launch our church into the text and theme. During the week, view the sermon reflection to spark more interaction with the text. Use the conversation guide to meet with others to discuss and apply the Word of God. Do this with a small group, friends, family members, or quarantine buddies.

  1. Sunday Sermons: Watch online or attend in-person
  2. View the sermon reflections
  3. Use the conversation guide in a small group, with a friend, with your family etc..
  4. Apply God’s Word to your daily living

If you’d like to open your home to a host a group or are interested in joining a group, let us know.

Small Group Videos

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