Family Faith Talks

If you are comfortable talking about faith topics or not so sure about how to talk to your kids about faith topics, these creative resources can be for you!  Enlisting all five of your kids’ senses through simple object lessons or “plug and play” video lessons you can make experiencing God this summer fun and memorable.

Week 12

What is the
Golden Rule?
Check this out!

Week 11

God wants kids
to obey their parents
because it
protects kids
and pleases Him.

Week 10

Make a habit of spending time with God
by praying and
reading the Bible
as a family.

Week 9

This lesson explores Israel’s boy king, Josiah. Josiah read God’s Word and obeyed it.
You can too!

Week 8

We can celebrate and remember how God takes care of us!

Week 7

Families can remind one another of the good things about each other and God.

Week 6

We can trust God to put all the pieces of our life together for His glory and our good.

Week 5

God’s Spirit helps us
to see and
know God.

Week 4

When we follow God, we have His Spirit to help us be kind to one another.

Week 3

We can trust the words in the Bible because they are God’s words.
God always speaks the truth.

Week 2

We can appreciate each other’s uniqueness as part of God’s creativity and beauty as God’s imagers.

Week 1

God can use the bad times in our lives for our good, good of others, and to show how amazing God is!